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Hilltop to be annexed by Green Oaks?

Last week residents in the immediate vicinity of the Hilltop property (on Waukegan Road between Atkinson and Muir) received official notice from Lake County of a public hearing to be held on August 13. The owners of the property have petitioned the Village of Green Oaks for annexation into the municipality; at the same time they are asking for special zoning and a special use designation to allow them to build a senior housing and mixed commercial development.

It's Knollwood Neighbors 2.0!

Times change, and Knollwood Neighbors recognizes the need to change with the times. We recently took steps to restructure our board and activities to reflect a tighter focus on communication and advocating for our community because these activities have been shown to be (a) important to our residents and (b) achievable with the very limited volunteer pool and resources we have available. We also decided to stop charging membership dues in order to be more inclusive.

How the County will evaluate the Hilltop plan

We spoke to a representative of the Lake County Department of Planning, Building & Development last week to find out whether they had seen the plans yet and just what will happen when the Hilltop developers do take their plans to the county. Here's a summary of that conversation:

Knollwood Neighbors: Have the plans been presented to the County yet?

Primary election Tuesday, March 18

Yes, it is election time! Who knew? This time it's the primary election, where the established political parties set their candidates for the next general election as well as doing some housekeeping of their own (ie, electing precinct committeepersons).

Early voting runs from March 3-15 at Lake Forest City Hall, 220 E. Deerpath Rd. Hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4:30 pm, and Saturday 9 am to 2 pm. You'll need a valid government-issued photo ID.


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